Aaron Kes

I'm a Phoenix wedding photographer based near downtown in the heart of the city. I live here with my kickass wife (in the picture with me) and our equally kickass dog. (in his own picture...stubborn) I'm a big part of the local film community as a leader of a non-profit. I love playing basketball, petting dogs' bellies, and hanging with the people I love. If there's a tasty treat involved, all the better. 

I'm a super laid back dude, which I find relaxes my clients and makes me one of the easiest parts of your day. However, I am serious about creating amazing work and making clients happy. Getting elated reactions from people seeing their photos for the first time is about as good as it gets. 

I love it when a client bucks tradition and does their own thing. You are you and you should love and own that. I've photographed punk rockers and cowboys. Even if you being you means a traditional wedding, I'm down with that too. My wedding photography is colorful, natural, and sweeping. I die for amazing moments, unique architecture, interesting composition, and warm tones. 

I dig new technology, (I'm a sucker for overpriced Apple products) but I think having something you can hold in your hands is a great thing. That's why all of my wedding packages come with some sort of album or book. 

If you're looking for a cool wedding photographer who kicks butt at what they do, give me a call at 602.828.2639 or fill out this form below so we can set up a time I can buy you and your fiance some coffee or drinks. 

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