The Kies Family

Not long ago, I saw a Facebook post from Jacob about how his house was broken into. Among the stolen items were some of his cameras, as well as a bunch of memory cards including pictures of him and his kids. For him, this was the worst part. Not the material possessions, the memories. That hit me. Not just because I'm a photographer. Not just because photos mean something to me. I was simply taken with the fact that this dad had some memories of his children taken away and how much it meant to him. So, I reached out to him, offered a shoot, and he accepted.

I thought this particular scenario called for more than just sitting in a pretty location and getting their photos taken. (Though that is still a great thing.) I thought it would be best to try and create some new memories. We landed on Castles N Coasters. A place Jacob, myself, and probably many other west siders recall from our childhood. Hopefully, they'll remember it too.

Equipment Rundown - 

Shot with: Canon 5D Mk III

Lenses used: Canon 50mm 1.4Canon 135 2.0LCanon 28mm 1.8