Meteor Crater and Arizona Mountain Inn

Life is largely about experiences for me. My girlfriend Katie and I love to adventure. New restaurants, activities, destinations, etc. As a photographer, I typically want to bring my camera with me when we take trips. I often want to pull over and take pictures of some tree, a field, etc. So I like to ask if it's okay to bring my camera because I don't want to be a preoccupied jerk. But Katie is always supportive and actually wants me to bring it. She finds that stuff fun too. Even on this trip, which was her birthday trip. Basically, I'm just saying she rocks. Anyway, enjoy some pictures of Meteor Crater, the desert landscape, snow, and our first cabin stay. :)

Equipment Rundown - 

Shot with: Canon 5D Mk III

Lenses used: Canon 50mm 1.4Canon 135 2.0LCanon 28mm 1.8