LA Vacation

February was a rough month.  Filled with obstacles, including the death of a pet.  :(  So, Katie and I rescheduled our first trip together and decided to kick March in the ass.  Evidence of that success below.

Our hotel was pretty sweet.  The Queen Mary, as made famous in Arrested Development, (at least that's what I say makes it famous) was the most unique place I've ever stayed.  This old cruise ship turned hotel was just so massive, eerie, and enchanting.

This metal has seen the world.

We even explored some cool stuff in the city.  Natch. 

Street Graffiti Picture Los Angeles

We ended the awesomeness with a taping of Conan.  I was definitely not threatened by her affection of him.  ;)

Travel is fun, but can also be rough on people.  Long hours crammed in a small space.  Disrupted routines.  Exhaustion.  Which is why when you find someone you love traveling with, you've done pretty well for yourself.  I already knew I had done well, but our first trip together certainly confirmed it.  Just the right balance of planning, improvising, exploration, food, rest, and food.  I have to thank Katie.  My model, my companion, my love.  (what a sap, right?)