Chelsea and Vic's Downtown Tucson Engagement Session

Tucson is pretty rad. Some Phoenicians (likely ASU alums or fans) like to talk trash with our neighbor city to the south. Not me. Everytime I go there I have a good time and I find cool things. Heck, they should get tons of respect just for being home of Eegee’s and those delicious fruit freezes. But this already cool city consistently gets better. Cue Chelsea and Vic. After our FaceTime consult about their wedding, I was really excited to meet them in person. On a rainy wintery day, we explored all over downtown for their Tucson engagement session. We saw cool murals and neat spaces…and only had to duck into buildings a couple times to warm up and avoid getting soaked. Extra credit to them for being so great about the conditions. We were rewarded with a rainbow and one of my favorite sessions yet.

Can’t wait to head back to Tucson next month for their awesome wedding at Sanctuary Cove. The reception is going to be at Borderlands Brewing Company…a cool spot whose exterior makes a cameo in a couple of these shots. For now, enjoy those and some of my other favorite photos from their Tucson engagement session.


My Equipment:

Shot with: Canon 5D Mark IVCanon 5D Mk III

Lenses used: Canon 24mm 1.4LCanon 50mm 1.2LCanon 135 2.0L

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Emily and Kevin's Tucson Wedding

Emily and Kevin rock. Not just because they love dogs (perhaps more than me) and not just because she saved me the last cannoli at her wedding...though that helps. They're just fun people to be around who are nice and welcoming. We hit it off on our very first meeting and to quote her, "she knew I was the one...photographer." I was privileged to shoot their engagement session last year as well as their wedding earlier this month, both in Tucson at Agua Linda Farm. Needless to say, we had a blast. 

Here are some of my favorite images from their Tucson wedding. 


My Equipment:

Shot with: Canon 5D Mk IIICanon 60D

Lenses used: Canon 50mm 1.4Canon 135 2.0LCanon 28mm 1.8

Flash: Canon 600 EX-RT

Aaron Kes (me!) is a Phoenix wedding photographer who also shoots weddings in Scottsdale, Tempe, the United States of America, and Earth. Seriously, I love to travel to shoot and do so often. Let's have some fun!

One Shot: Emily and Kevin's Tucson Wedding

I love trying new things as a wedding photographer. I happened to rent a 16-35mm lens recently for a photo shoot I had coming up where I'd be doing website photography for a business' showroom. I decided to trot it out for Emily and Kevin's Tucson wedding because I use my standard wide angle lens (28mm) quite a bit and I thought this one may kick it up a notch. When I saw the backyard of this venue, I knew I wanted to feature the trees in some of their portraits and the 16-35 was a perfect fit to do just that. I widened the lens all the way out to 16mm and got this cool image. I made sure not to position them too close to the camera because shooting that wide can greatly exaggerate people's features the closer they get to the camera. It's a tough balance because you still want the image to be about the people. But, I still feel like this one works. They're both sharing a moment and their smiles show it. Plus that sun just peaking through the tree branches. This would look fantastic on a big print. 

Shot with my Canon 5D Mk III and a Canon 16-35mm 2.8L lens at 16mm, ISO 320, f2.8, and 1/1250th sec. Edited in Lightroom. 

Aaron Kes (me!) is a Phoenix wedding photographer who also shoots weddings in Scottsdale, Tempe, the United States of America, and Earth. Seriously, I love to travel to shoot and do so often. Let's have some fun!