The Turner Family

Beth and Mike were married five years ago. They were one of the first few couples to hire me as their wedding photographer. I am so happy they took a chance on me and even happier I am still photographing their family today. And what a family it is! Almost 8 months ago they welcomed Max to the family who joined Ethan and Lorelai. With their five year anniversary approaching, they felt like it was a great time to do a photo session with their completed family. We returned to the scene of the crime ( and shot the photos right where they were married at Lake Pleasant. We even updated one of their old shots. :)

awesome shot of married couple recreating wedding photo turner
lorelai daughter playing with smart phone
mother smiles at son making cute face
kids show off their running skills
kids standing up in the grass
dad tosses baby son in the air cute
baby max in the grass
happy dad elated daughter turner
black and white family photography daughter turner
parents put their kids in a makeshift hammock
mommy and the kids get into position turner
phoenix family photography sitting on a blanket turner
cute family picture phoenix family photographer turner
phoenix family photographer adorable baby smiling picture turner
max sticks out his tongue turner
turner family happily ever after
kids having out on blanket turner
phoenix family photographer adorable girl hugging her teddy bear
aaron kes photography super cute baby held up by mom
black and white picture mother son turner
max makes a cute face while mommy smiles turner
family photography son with arms folded cute
ethan throws rocks into the lake
ethan chucking rocks
ladybug on sons shoulder
ethan and his ladybug
cool lens flare anniversary photo
beth and mike look at each other
cute shot of mike and beth laughing
mike carries beth
mike fakes beth out
beth shows us wedding ring while holding mike
beth has arms wrapped around mike
black and white beth wrapping arms around mike
beth and mike hold each other

Equipment Rundown - 

Shot with: Canon 5D Mk III

Lenses used: Canon 50mm 1.4Canon 135 2.0L