I never dreamed I'd love shooting seniors as much as I do. But they have consistently been some of my best subjects. (my last blog post was also for a senior and also one of my favorite shoots ever) Desi and I had some fun at Manistee Ranch with some glitter, her dog, and me forcing her to smile for ridiculously long periods of time. Desi is incredibly cool, she looks amazing, and her dog is almost as adorable. 

Equipment Rundown - 

Shot with: Canon 5D Mk III

Lenses used: Canon 50mm 1.4Canon 135 2.0LCanon 28mm 1.8


This is Amber and Amber is awesome.  She told me about how her dog had over a thousand followers on Instagram.  No lie.  Follow him at percythepooch.  But don't be fooled.  She is also a star in the making and I now present the proof!  We gave her the A-list treatment last month when we did her senior pictures at CCV in Peoria.  She's graduating next spring from Mountain Ridge and not only does she look great in front of a camera, but she's smart and volunteers her time in the community too.  Mom and dad, you've raised a good one here.

Shot with: Canon 5D Mk III

Lenses used: Canon 50mm 1.4, Canon 135 2.0L